Earlier this month, we celebrated Loneliness Awareness Week. Loneliness now affects 1 in 3 Aussies…more than six million people.

Loneliness is a complex issue. It’s not the same as being alone, since you can be in a room by yourself and not feel lonely. And it’s not simply the opposite of being with others, since you can be surrounded by lots of people and still be affected. Loneliness can have a huge impact on our mental health. It can carry and perpetuate its own stigma. 31% of Aussies feel ashamed when they feel lonely, and 58% don’t talk to anyone about feeling lonely.

More about Loneliness Awareness Week

Expert Advice: Coping with Loneliness

Self-reflection: Spend time understanding your feelings, journaling can be a useful tool in achieving this

Connect meaningfully: Foster quality connections. Use the Ending Loneliness Directory to find a local support group.

Explore hobbies: Join clubs or groups that share your interests

Speak to a professional: Seeking therapy is a sign of strength