Men’s health is a measure of total wellbeing that looks at things like physical activity, nutrition, reducing risk-taking, improving sleep, and increasing connections.

Did you know that in Australia, 50 men die every day from preventable causes? 

That 1 in 2 men will develop a mental health disorder in their lifetime? 

That men with mates live longer and healthier lives, but 1 in 4 men report having no close mates and 1 in 3 men experience loneliness? 

Men’s health is an important priority and at AB Clinical Psychology, we do all we can to ensure men have the necessary foundations for better wellbeing. 


Resource Spotlight: The Men’s Table

The Men’s Table initiative was started in 2011 with 12 men who have decided to meet together once a month for dinner ever since. The Men’s Table aims to help men build healthy male friendships and connection by creating safe places to share and overcoming the stigma that “men don’t talk”. Their vision is Healthy Men, Healthy Masculinities, Healthy Communities. 

Unsure about joining a group in your area? You can attend an “Entree” to experience how a Table works and see if it’s for you. Entrees are held both in person and online.