• Nutrition

Christiana Velis

Expertise in
Gut/digestive Health
Women’s Health
Perimenopause / Menopause

Are you tired of struggling with your health, particularly hormonal imbalances and digestive issues? Feeling stuck, tired, bloated, confused about your diet and and overwhelmed. With her own personal nutrition journey to lean on, Christiana uses her expertise to understand and provide support needed to feel more energized and comfortable in your own body. Her approach is rooted in scientific evidence, ensuring that a well-informed path is taken to understand how nutrition and lifestyle changes can improve your health and optimise your wellbeing. Christiana will work with you to lay a solid foundation for your wellbeing.

Christiana’s passion lies in holistic care, which means she emphasises the importance of a balanced diet, healthy lifestyle choices, and targeted supplementation as needed. Our bodies are interconnected systems that require comprehensive nourishment to thrive.

Christiana’s aim is not only to treat your health concern but to help you feel empowered and informed on this journey.

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