Are you back at work and feeling the post-holiday blues, perhaps not feeling rested enough after the break? Are you already feeling overwhelmed by your schedule and commitments in 2024? You’re not alone.

Many people report feeling the following after the holidays are over:
• feeling like their time off has flown by.
• feeling unrested or still burnt out/tired from 2023.
• lack of confidence about how to make changes in the New Year that will last.
• feeling overwhelmed by life commitments or by upcoming dates (e.g., school/university starting back again).

Our Top Picks for Great Mental Health Resources in 2024

The Happiness Trap: One of the best self-help resources for overcoming anxiety and depression and building a more satisfying, fulfilling life is this easy-to-read, highly-engaging book by Dr Russ Harris. Dr Harris is a proponent of a type of therapy called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Don’t be thrown by the odd name–the book is full of practical, helpful strategies and comes in a range of formats, including a pocketbook and illustrated version. If you prefer audiobooks, you can also listen on Audible, Spotify, or your favourite audiobook retailer.

Mental Health Apps
Not a big reader? Check out one of the five top-rated mental health apps of 2023: • Calm (paid) • Headspace (paid) • Sanvello (free and paid versions) • Happify (free and paid versions) • Bearable (free and paid versions)